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Board of Directors

John Outhred (Chairman)
BA (Planning); Grad Dip Pub Sec Man; Adv Dip Bus Dev; Dip Bus (FLM); MPIA; CPP

John is Chairman of Digislide Group and holds a number of directorship positions on technology companies (www.spinergy.com.au and www.bsmartconstructions.com).

He is the Principal Planner at Outhred English and Associates Pty Ltd, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Planning and a Graduate Diploma in Public Sector Management. John also has qualifications in Business Development and Front Line Management, and has been a Corporate Member of the Planning Institute Australia since 1992 and a Certified Practising Planner.

John has over 40 years experience in planning and property development and held executive positions in government for over 17 years before going into private enterprise. John specialises in land division advice and design, project management, and site analysis and selection.

John managed the environmentally sensitive Shacks Freeholding Project (Statewide) for the South Australian Land Management Corporation and Department for Environment and Heritage, and project managed the physical development of a number of sensitive coastal and riverine sites.   

He understands strategic planning and the importance of high levels of probity when responsible for investors’ funds and stakeholders’ interests.


Luceille Outhred: Director R&D (Digislide Photonics)
M Ed St, M Dist Ed; Ad Dip HRD Mgt; Dip T, Dip Trg & Ass

Luceille is a founder of Digislide, and manages Reearch and Development for Digislide Photonics Pty Ltd and Digislide International Pty Ltd.  She was co-inventor of many of Digislide’s earlier patents, including Digismart Swap™, Digismart™, digiVision® and optical engine patents.

Luceille was responsible for capital raising, technical risk management for research and development, product design and development, corporate expansion, contractual issues, Intellectual Property and Human Resource management from incorporation through to public listing, steering Digislide from its earliest stage as a fledgling technology company, to a Research and Development Technology company that attracted grants, gained national, regional and global awards to become an ASX listed company (ASX:DGI) on 24th August, 2009.  In the three years post listing, despite the negative impact of the GFC and its lingering ramifications in North American and European markets, Digislide brought 6 new products to market. 

Throughout 2012-2013, Luceille worked with key stakeholders to affect a restructure of Digislide Operations reverting to private ownership within the corporate founding entities, which currently operate under Luceille’s direction. 

Luceille has had extensive experience in start up, incubation, and business development. She is also one of the inventors, and responsible for the Research and Development direction of the Spinergy™ and Hydrospinergy™ inline turbine generators for Spinergy Pty Ltd, which is a clean energy company, with innovative inline power generators (see www.spinergy.energy).  She is a founder of AV Extraordinaire Pty Ltd, trading as BSMART Holdings (see www.bsmartconstructions.com), which has designed and is currently developing BSMART™ Green Brick™ machinery, which act as both a waste processing plant (mobile or permanently fixed) and manufacturing equipment of non-kiln fired “Green Bricks”. 

She is founder and Corporate Leader of the GEM College Group (see www.gem-college.com and www.digitalmarketingacademy.edu.au) and has led its expansion, corporate and commercial restructuring since its incorporation in 1992, ensuring it retained its position as a leading provider of quality, innovative education over 28 years.  

Luceille was designated as a member of the Southern Area Sports Complex Management Team by the South Australian Parliament. In 2000, Luceille was selected as a finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year (SA) award; and, in 2007, she was again selected as a finalist in the Telstra awards in two categories: the Hudson Private and Corporate Sector Award, and the Australian Government Business Innovation Award.

Ian Myles – Executive Director
BA (Planning); Grad Dip Pub Sec Man; Adv Dip Bus Dev; Dip Bus (FLM); MPIA; CPP

Ian was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Digislide International Pty Ltd in February 2019, and Director Commercialisation of Digislide Photonics Pty Ltd, pending his appointment as CEO of that entity at the next Annual General Meeting.  He is a Designer, Developer, Entrepreneur and Educator. 

A native of Scotland, Ian started his professional life in Industrial Design and Technology, but has since lived and worked in London, Singapore, Silicon Valley. As Lead Designer for Astro Studies (San Francisco), Ian led the development of design for Alien hardware, he designed & built ATM’s for Disney and the Disney Phone along with Microsoft’s Zune and Digislide’s digiSmart Swap. 

Apart from being designated inventor on several patents, his design work has won 4 IDSA awards. Ian also ran an advanced concept facility for Motorola in San Francisco, pushing integration across disciplines- antennas, mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering, Industrial Design, User interface & UX, Content and USABILITY - believing the latter to be the key to everything.  


After 20 years in California, the last 6 in Mobile Payments/FinTech & I.o.T. Ian has more recently been Head of Payments at SingTel, Singapore and incubated in-house mobile payments solutions for JPMorgan CHASE, above a bank branch in Silicon Valley.

He is a leading technologist experienced in UK, Asia and US tech companies, including Flint, Michigan; Small Steadings & Crofts (UK).  He has a proven track record in commercializing a wide range of viable innovations across industries, including being funded by Citibank Ventures Palo Alto to build NFC wallets from scratch.

 Ian has gained considerable international experience with both start-ups and Fortune 500 Companies.  He is involved in the development and commercialization of LiFi technologies and has been working with Housing Development Board (Singapore), Indonesian and Californian Governments.

Ian is a busy public speaker with a renewed interested in Education and hosting conferences on IDENTITY & Artificial Intelligence including a big push to support Artificial Intelligence Demystified.


Digislide - Innovative Digital Convergence Technologies
The Digislide Group is comprised of several innovative Australian companies that undertake research and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of projecton and projector peripherals for consumer and professional markets. Headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia, with offices in North America, Digislide develops digital convergence technologies encompassing, video projection and telecommunictions merged solutions. Digislide companies include AV Extraordinaire Pty Ltd (ACN 082750070), Projected Investments Pty Ltd (ACN 077 652 718) and Allied Animation Technologies (ACN 101 172 838).

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