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Corporate Governance


Digislide’s Corporate Vision is “to be the global pioneer of innovative display technologies” and to create long-term value through the research and development, commercialisation and distribution of innovative projection and projection peripheral products.

In pursuing the Corporate Vision, we are committing to working towards the highest level of governance and striving to foster a culture that values and rewards exemplary ethical standards, personal and corporate integrity and respect for others.

Our approach to governance is predicated on the belief that there is a link between high-quality governance and the creation of shareholder value. Our expectations of employees is set out in our Code of Conduct for Employees and Directors, and other Policies found herewith.

These policies outline our system of governance. In formulating our governance framework, the regulatory requirements in Australia and the US have been taken into account, together with standards of best practice. Where governance principles vary across these jurisdictions the Board has resolved to adopt what we consider to be the better of the prevailing standards.

It is our view that governance is not just a matter for the Board, a culture of sound governance must be fostered throughout the organisation.

Digislide Holding Limited Corporate Governance Policies:

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> Board Charter September 2008 101KB PDF » Download
> Board Code of Conduct September 2008 57KB PDF » Download
> Securites Trading Policy September 2008 60KB PDF » Download
> Audit Committee Charter September 2008 76KB PDF » Download
> Risk Management Statements and Policies September 2008 90KB PDF » Download
> Disclosure Policy & Communications Strategy September 2008 71KB PDF » Download
> Code of Conduct for Employees September 2008 79KB PDF » Download
> Rewards and Remuneration Charter September 2008 60KB PDF » Download
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