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Board of Directors

Digislide Holdings Ltd Digislide Americas, Ltd
Tim Creasy - Director (Australia)

Ian Mutton - Non-Executive Director and Chairman (Australia)


Ian has considerable experience in corporate governance. He sits on a number of boards of emerging listed and unlisted Australian and UK companies engaged in the energy, recycling and minerals, finance, technology and resource exploration sectors in Australia, Chile and China.

Ian is a lawyer with a background in competition and product liability laws. He spent 10 years with the Commonwealth Crown Solicitor on continuous secondment to the (then) Trade Practices Commission with occasional secondment to an inter-department committee responsible for containing product liability exposure. Ian also spent fifteen years with CSR Limited devising and implementing product liability defence and asset protection strategies in Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Ian spent five years managing relations for a Northern Ireland based energy start-up company with governments and regulators based in Belfast, Westminster and Brussels.

He has spent the last 10 years devising and implementing competition law and product liability related governance and training programs for companies in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Ian also has experience in the building and recycling sectors as well as a Government trading venture in Australia.

Luceille Outhred - Director and Chief Executive Officer (Australia)

Luceille Outhred - Director and Chief Executive Officer (Australia)

M Ed St, M Dist Ed; Ad Dip HRD Mgt; Dip T, Dip Trg & Ass

Luceille has had extensive start up and business development experience, having spent 13 years as Corporate Leader of the Workright Group, which is involved in Education, Technology Incubation and Entrepreneurship. Her strategic leadership has resulted in the establishment of a number of global relationships and off-shore franchise operations on behalf of the Workright Group.

Luceille was designated as a member of the Southern Area Sports Complex Management Team by the South Australian Parliament. In 2000, Luceille was selected as a finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year (SA) award; and, in 2007, she was again selected as a finalist in the Telstra awards; this time in two categories: ie the Hudson Private and Corporate Sector Award, and the Australian Government Business Innovation Award.

Luceille was initially seconded to Digislide International Pty Ltd, a predecessor company to Digislide, in 1998, to assist in the embryonic stages of the commercialisation of the Company’s core technologies. Since that time, she has been responsible for establishing the corporation, capital raising, technical risk management for research and development and product design and development of MantaRay™, Digiscope™ and the Digismart™ Miniature Projection Technologies. Luceille is a Designated Inventor of Digislide’s Digismart Swap™, Digismart™ and Digivision® patents.

Luceille is also on the board of Digislide Americas, Ltd and carries the responsibilities of President.

Lin Chan - Director and Chief Finance Officer (USA)

Lin Chan - Non-Executive Director (USA)

MBA; B Comm

Lin has over 25 years of corporate finance experience spans across early-stage start-ups as well as Global 1000 companies. It includes experience with public and private financings, mergers and acquisitions, commodity transactions, licensing transactions, overseas outsourcing and manufacturing, legal and IP, systems implementation, accounting, financial planning and analysis, international tax planning, SEC issues and reporting, HR, board governance and investor relations. Her industry experience includes semiconductor, internet, manufacturing, commodities, storage, communications, nanotechnology and consumer sectors.

Lin heads up a consulting practice since 2001 and a partial list of her clients include: Aperto Networks (www.apertonet.com), Pacific Investors (www.pi888.com), a late stage private equity investment company, American IDC Corp., a digital streaming internet company, Pictopia, (www.pictopia.com) a photo ecommerce provider, Optiva Inc., a nanomaterials company, Nanospire Inc., an early-stage nano-tool company, GeoCOM International Ltd., a South American wireless carrier company, Emergency Filtration Products (www.emergencyfiltration.com), a nanotechnology filtration medical products manufacturer.

Lin was the CFO and EVP for Crystal Technology Inc. (www.crystaltechnology.com, a spin-off from Siemens AG), the world’s largest producer of Lithium Niobate crystals for the multimedia industry from 2006 to 2008 (featured on KRON4 as one of “Silicon Valley’s Best Run Companies”). From 2002 to 2005, she served as the CFO and VP of Administration for BitMicro Network Inc. (www.bitmicro.com). From 2000 to 2001, Lin served as the CFO for MeetWorldTrade, Inc. (dba MeetChina.com), a privately held Internet B2B start-up company. Lin also served as Corporate Controller for PC-Tel, Inc. (www.pctel.com) from 1997 to 2000, where she established the infrastructure that enabled it to become the fastest growing company in Silicon Valley, while managing the company’s IPO and secondary offering, raising a total of $200 million, and creating a market capitalization exceeding $2 billion. Additionally, she led PC-Tel’s largest acquisition of a wireless company, which resulted in the doubling of the company’s market capitalization. Her career also includes stints as Controller for SOLA International (www.sola.com), a $500 million global healthcare product manufacturer, where she was involved in SOLA’s listing on the NYSE, as well as Controller for Pilkington plc (www.pilkington.com), a $4 billion UK multinational.

Lin served as a board member for Nanosig Association, which promoted the commercialization of nanotechnology. She has also served on the boards of Nanospire Inc., GeoCOM International, and Planned Parenthood as Treasurer and Strategic Planning Chairperson.

Lin holds an MBA in Marketing and Management from Santa Clara University (1993) and an Accounting and Finance degree from the University of Tasmania, Australia (1983).

Lin is based in Silicon Valley in the United States.

Tim Creasy - Director (Australia)

Leon Milford - Non-Executive Director

Dip Bus (FLM); Adv Dip Bus Mgt; Adv Dip Bus Recordkeeping

Leon has extensive experience encompassing the areas of finance, marketing, distribution, and manufacturing.

Having held the position of Victorian Secretary and Accountant for global organisation, Hills Industries Ltd, Leon brings to the Board sound financial management expertise.

Responsible for a diversified product base including exporting and global budgeting, Leon’s broad knowledge combines a thorough understanding of the product manufacturing process right through to the distribution level.

In later years, Leon held management positions in finance and sales, combined with directorships held in the Automotive, Real Estate and Aged Care industries.

Leon sits on a number of Boards, including holding Directorships with International Retirement Communities Pty Ltd, Heath Investments Pty Ltd, International Equities Pty Ltd, ATH Holdings Pty Ltd, ATH Nominees Pty Ltd, Sharksafe Pty Ltd, and AU Pacific Ltd.

Leon currently oversees an investment portfolio involving Manufacture, Mining and Development companies including international operations.

Malcolm Leahy - Director (Australia)

Malcolm Leahy - Non-Executive Director (Australia)

Dip Bus (FLM)

Malcolm’s experience is in the engineering and plastics industries in South Australia. He has had significant manufacturing experience for and on behalf of major brand owners and has business relationships with engineering firms (toolmakers) and plastics manufacturers in China. Malcolm brings practical engineering insights to Digislide, at Board level. He is able to provide engineering, tool-making and manufacturing advice to executive management on a “needs basis”.

Malcolm is a Member of TEC Group and holds directorships with Creative Moulding Pty Ltd, Arkidelo Pty Ltd, The Fitness & Leisure Business Pty Ltd, Sharksafe Pty Ltd and Is That So Pty Ltd.