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Letter from the Chairman


Dear Investor,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to introduce this Prospectus for the initial public offering of Digislide Holdings Limited, and to invite you to become one of our shareholders.

Digislide is a technology company providing innovative merged solutions to video projection and telecommunications hardware.

Rarely does the Chairman of a company have the privilege of presenting the public with such an exciting investment opportunity – in an Australian firm seeking expansion that is truly global in scope and whose future prospects are underpinned by an IP portfolio that has produced a range of patented products with the potential of enhancing consumers’ experience of using mobile telecommunication and/or hand held electronic devices that have display screens. The global markets for products in which Digislide expects its projection technologies either to be embedded in or to be complementary to, is estimated by technology analysts and industry groups alike at over US$350 billion and, generally, they expect continued growth in these markets.

Digislide has developed a range of world-class digital convergence technologies that seeks to provide high quality, affordable projected images for users of mobile communications devices, devotees of computer and video games, and also for sports and home theatre enthusiasts.

The Company’s key objectives are to design, develop and licence projection technologies to major brand owners and other OEMs throughout the Asian Region. Many of these companies have already expressed a non-binding interest in working with Digislide; to incorporate the Company’s patented miniature projection technology into their products such as mobile/smartphones, laptops, PDAs and hand held GPS devices, to name just a few examples. Digislide intends to “hang on the coat tails” of the international marketing efforts and budgets of these market participants through licensing arrangements. Digislide seeks to earn royalties from every production unit, containing our technology, that is sold under such arrangements (see “Products and Market Opportunities” on page 34).

Through retaining the services of one of the founders and four inventors, Digislide is able to build upon its current IP and endeavours to pursue its research and development programs. Furthermore, to optimise the benefits from our global expansion plans, we have drawn together a Board and an executive management team which we believe have complementary skills and experience in exploiting technologies and market opportunities in key economic regions. Digislide is now poised for growth with key personnel “in-country” in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia (see “Board of Directors and Key Management” on page 16).

I invite you to read this Prospectus and trust you will conclude, as my fellow Directors and I have, that Digislide is indeed an exciting investment opportunity.

Yours sincerely.

Chairman - Signature

Ian Mutton

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