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Investor Relations
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Investor Relations

Kevin Soper – Director of Technology and Innovation (Australia)

Kevin Soper - Chief Innovator (Australia)

Dip Bus (FLM); Cert Electrical Engineering

Kevin is a founder of Digislide and has had involvement in the innovation behind each of
the Company’s patents.

Kevin has previously established and expanded a number of different businesses. He is an audiovisual specialist, with seven years of experience with the Audio Visual Department of the Adelaide Convention Centre. He is also licensed at the highest level of pyrotechnics management, and has been involved in managing some of South Australia’s largest pyrotechnics displays. Kevin is Designated Inventor of all but one of Digislide’s current patents.

Kevin resigned as a Director in June 2007 to focus on his operational responsibilities covering
innovation and research and development.

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Mark Gafner - Chief Strategy Officer

Mark Gafner - Chief Strategy Officer

BSc Elec Eng (Dist); BSc Elec Eng (Hon)

Mark has extensive experience in the field of electronic engineering. Mark founded
the electronics and software engineering company, ANSYS, in South Africa in 1987 and
was Managing Director of the company until leaving South Africa to live in Australia early in
2003. Mark was responsible for setting ANSYS’ strategies and overseeing their implementation. He also managed many leading edge development projects and, as a qualified electronics engineer specialised in analog electronics design. Mark’s experience gained over 15 years as Managing Director of ANSYS has placed him in good stead for his current role with Digislide.

Mark has been involved with Digislide since 2003, originally as a consultant responsible for
management of commercialisation of electronic products, and more recently as Manager of
Technical Information Systems.

In his current capacity of Chief Strategy Officer with Digislide, Mark is involved in determining technology and product development, commercialisation, and production and distribution strategies, and communicating these to the appropriate departments. Mark also participates in the planning of activities towards these goals and ensures that implementation occurs on time and to budget.

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Bruce Newell - Chief Technical Officer and Business Development Manager (Digislide Americas)

Bruce Newell - Chief Technical Officer and Business Development Manager (The Americas)

BS Chemistry; AAS Chem Tech

Bruce was appointed to Digislide’s executive management team in May 2007, after acting
in an advisory role to the Company and its predecessors since 2003. He has had over 30
years experience with Eastman Kodak (based in US and Europe), with a range of diverse roles, including New Business Development Manager, Business Process Manager and Worldwide Product Manager. His most recent role with Eastman Kodak was General Manager of Kodak’s Immersive Imaging Business (a High Fidelity Stereoscopic 3D Display Technology). Bruce has established and led cross-functional, multiorganisational businesses as well as product and research and development teams. His high level of proficiency in research and development management, product commercialisation processes and fully integrated product delivery methodologies for worldwide sites has gained him three Kodak Special Recognition Awards and two Kodak Manufacturing and Research Engineering Innovation Awards.

Bruce holds two critical roles within Digislide; as Chief Technical Officer, where his operational
role is to advise the Board in consolidating Digislide technology strategies and as Business
Development Manager (Digislide Americas, Ltd), where he is responsible for product penetration into The Americas.

Bruce opened the Digislide Americas, Ltd office in Rochester (New York) in June 2007 and is
based in the United States of America.

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Joseph Tan – Business Development (Greater Asia Region)

Joseph Tan –Business Development Manager (Greater Asia Region)

ITC Electrical Engineering

Joseph is based in Singapore, and is responsible for Digislide’s expansion within the Greater Asia Region. His key areas of expertise are in supply and logistics, marketing for new accounts and the reinvention of work processes to create value chains and cost savings to clients.

Prior to his appointment with the Company, Joseph was the Assistant Marketing Manager
for the Asia Pacific Region for Sony Electronics (Singapore) Pte Ltd, in the Semiconductor Sales
& Marketing department. His responsibilities included managing sales and marketing activities through distribution channels in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, India and South Africa. Joseph was also the Sony Country Manager for India, South Africa and Australia, where he facilitated the introduction of new products into the marketplace, creating new customers and new innovative products within the company’s industrial, IT and consumer markets applications.

Joseph graduated from the Singapore Technical Institute with majors in Electrical Engineering,
and has won a number of awards from Sony Headquarters for achieving sales objectives.

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Christian Outhred – International Business

Christian Outhred – Business Development Manager (Europe)

B Int Bus; Ad Dip Bus Dev Mgt; Dip Bus (FLM); CPMgr

Christian is a member of the Board of the Company’s US wholly-owned subsidiary,
Digislide Americas, Ltd. Christian has been involved with the Digislide Group of Companies
since their incubation as a client of the Workright Group. Christian was previously Business
Development Manager of the Workright Group and, in this role, assisted Digislide’s business
development. He has also represented the Company in trade and investment forums in
Sydney (Australia), Xi’an (China) and Singapore.

Christian has had over 13 years of international business development experience, on four
different continents. He worked for the Workright Group in Australia from 1995 to 2003. In 2003 he relocated to London, where he worked for Michael Page International and Pure Recruitment Group. In 2004, he was awarded first prize by the Financial Times in a highly-competitive, UK-wide B2B business development contest.

From his London base, Christian worked for the Company on a consultancy basis, to help
prepare for the international commercialisation of Digislide products toward market entry in
Europe and the UK; focusing on MantaRay™ and the Digismart™ Miniature Projection
Technologies. He rejoined Digislide to direct the Company’s marketing and business development efforts in Europe. Christian has recently relocated and is now based in Italy.

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Peter Rubinshtein – Manager Technical Research and Development

Peter Rubinshtein – Chief Technologist

M Sc (Distinction) Quantum Physics; Dip Bus (FLM)

Peter was originally a consultant to the founders of the Company (from 1999 to 2006) and has been responsible for all major electronics design on Digislide’s products. Peter is a Designated Inventor on Digislide’s patents for optical engines. He has worked with lasers, optics, underground VHF telecommunications systems, high voltage programmable micro-current wave-form synthesizers, high heat dissipation and electronic load control systems, and brings scientific rigour to the Digislide research and development team, as well as a clear
understanding of design for manufacturability.

Until 2006, Peter was employed as Senior Development Engineer with Tytronics, a leading Australian electronics manufacturing group. He gained his formal qualifications and initial scientific experience as a Radio Physicist in Georgia (USSR), and gained a MSc (with Distinction) in Quantum Physics from the Department of Physics at Tbilisi State University, where his main role was to design and construct electronic loading equipment for measuring output parameters and testing of communications and control systems

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Tim English – Marketing Manager

Tim English – Marketing Manager

BA Comm St; Cert IV Multimedia

Tim has been and is responsible for the management of the Digislide brand and all
marketing and communications. Prior to his current appointment, he held management
positions with Rivers Australia, a national retail chain and Workright Australia, a Registered
Training Organisation.

Tim has provided technical marketing services to the research and development team, including market research and trend analysis. He has assisted the Company capture global media attention through international press as well as national and international exhibitions, including DEMO 06, Innovate! Europe and CeBIT Australia.

As a result of his positioning work, Digislide was exposed to the attention of national and
international technology “show” judges. As a consequence, Digislide was declared Episode
Winner and Judges’ Choice winner for ABC TV’s “New Inventors” program, designated a “Target A ICT Client” by the South Australian Government for its fast growth, gained international acclaim as a finalist at the World Technology Summit (San Francisco) and gained third place winner’s prize at the ICT Secrets of Australian IT Innovation Awards.

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