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  Connect + project + play = anywhere
  Connect WeSii™ Projector to your Nintendo Wii™ for a truly mobile gaming experience - no TV required! The WeSii™ Projector houses a built-in speaker. To further enhance your audiovisual gaming experience, simply connect the WeSii™ audio dock!!

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  Project your movies, photos, games and more  

Digishow is compatible with
 - Mobile phones
 - Digital cameras
 - Portable Media Players
 - Portable gaming devices
The Digishow Handheld Projector is the perfect companion for digital devices. Just connect and project your movies, photos, games and presentations directly onto any flat surface up to a 70 inch image.

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  miniPro USB Projector

- 10 lumens brightness
- Contrast Ratio 100:1
- Uniformity 90%
- Projection Distance 0.2m to infinite
- Image Size 5.0” @ 0.2m, 73.5” @ 3.0m
- Imager 640 x 480 Color Filter LCO


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