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Senior Management

Peter Rubinshtein
M Quantum Physics; Dip Bus (FLM)

Peter has been involved in Digislide from 1999.

Originally a consultant to the founders of the Company (from 1999 to 2006) he was responsible for all major electronics design on Digislide’s products.

He was Manager of Research and Development for 3 years, before being promoted to Chief Technologist in 2009. As Chief Technologist Peter is now responsible for all technology design and product development.

Peter is a Designated Inventor on several of Digislide’s patents for optical engines.

He has worked with lasers, optics, underground VHF telecommunications systems, high voltage and high power electronics, programmable micro-current wave-form synthesizers, high heat dissipation and electronic load control systems, and brings scientific rigour to the Digislide research and development team, as well as a clear understanding of design for manufacturability.

Prior to 2006, Peter was employed as Senior Development Engineer with Tytronics, a leading Australian electronics manufacturing group.

He gained his formal qualifications and initial scientific experience as a Radio Physicist in Georgia (USSR), and gained a MSc (with Distinction) in Quantum Radio Physics from the Department of Physics at Tbilisi State University. He subsequently worked at Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology, where his main role was to design and construct electronic loading equipment for measuring output parameters and testing of communications and control systems.

Danny Jung – Senior Optics Engineer

Danny commenced his career as a toolmaker with Mitsubishi Motors Australia.

In 1988 he joined Jung Precision Optics to work as a precision optician. Jung Precision Optics had commenced operations with highly experienced European trained opticians who had a wealth of knowledge in a diverse field of optics, who worked closely with scientists and engineers as well as corporate customers to complete a wide range of projects.

Initially, Danny gained experience fabricating components for a wide range of applications. These included components for opthalmic lasers (Laserex), laser range finders (Electro Optic Systems), satellites (British Aerospace), 35mm movie cameras (Aranda Films), surveying equipment (Jatco), laser airborne depth sounding (LADS), industrial lasers (Action Laser) and the optical telecom industry (Nortel Networks, Finisar).

Danny has been involved in defence related projects such as the refurbishment of submarine periscopes, fabricating replacement parts for ground to air missile systems, targeting lasers etc. Current military R&D projects include making components for high energy lasers.

Danny has also fabricated optics for a number of universities including Adelaide University, Australian National University Macquarie University, Sydney University and Melbourne University.

Optical design work includes laser beam expanders, projection lenses, collection optics for concentrated photovoltaic cells, wide angle lenses and astronomical telescopes.

Steven Eisenberg – Manager Information Systems
Ass Dip Comp St; Cert IV Trg & Ass; 

Steven is a very talented computer professional. He has a vast background in planning, directing, and coordinating activities in the fields of electronic data processing, information systems, systems analysis, and computer programming.

Before joining Digislide Steve was Manager Information Systems with EDS and was an Oracle Technical Analyst.

With almost 30 years experience in the ITC Industry, he has worked with a wide variety of hardware and associated operating systems, databases, networks, software interfaces and programming languages. Steven has worked extensively with sensitive and condimental data for both federal and state government agencies as well as private industry.

Steven has worked extensively on mainframe computers including Cyber, Prime and Unisys (Burroughs), servers including Compaq, Dell, HP and other generic type UNIX and Windows based servers. He has a comprehensive understanding of systems development, analysis and programming, and brings a wide variety of personal and technical skills needed for the efficient operation of various computing environments.

Steven applies innovative thinking to complex situations while retaining focus on the business requirements and future directions.

He is a highly trusted member of our executive, and the testing standards, monitoring and reporting mechanisms he has established have provided a sound basis on which to manage project and system needs for Digislide.


Digislide - Innovative Digital Convergence Technologies
The Digislide Group is comprised of several innovative Australian companies that undertake research and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of projecton and projector peripherals for consumer and professional markets. Headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia, with offices in North America, Digislide develops digital convergence technologies encompassing, video projection and telecommunictions merged solutions. Digislide companies include AV Extraordinaire Pty Ltd (ACN 082750070), Projected Investments Pty Ltd (ACN 077 652 718) and Allied Animation Technologies (ACN 101 172 838).

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